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 Deposit Is $300

Welcome to "Doodles of Autumn Hills"

My family and I live in a small little country town located in Greenbrier, AR.
(40 miles north of Little Rock)
I strive to breed for great disposition and beautiful babies.
Healthy happy pups is my Specialty and Top Priority.

Most of my pups will be sold as Pets Only, but I will occasionally sell to breeders.
No pup will leave here until I feel he/she is fully ready for a new home.
Puppies will be sold to forever homes only-

I only will HOLD a puppy for 24 hours but if I don't hear back from you I will sell the

puppy to the next family . 
Be sure that getting a new puppy is what you really want and that you will have the time to care for it.  Puppies
need proper care and training.  They are a big responsibility. An untrained and poorly cared for dog is unpleasant
to have around-these are the dogs that end up in shelters.  If you buy a dog from me and find yourself in this
situation I will gladly help him/her to find a new home.
I do NOT give a cash refund, if there is a puppy available, no exceptions.
**(Please DO NOT put a deposit down then change your mind. I WILL NOT  Refund It Back !!!!!!!!)**

If for some reason you can't keep your puppy, I will bring it back home (but there will NOT be any refunds or Resold. Your are giving up your puppy to rehome only.) 

First deposit first pick, second deposit second pick. I do need to know what gender
you are wanting so I can find the other gender new homes. If you like one of my
puppies and don't put a deposit down, another family could possibly buy that puppy.
(If shipping) Final payment is due when the puppy reaches 6wks old, if payment has not be received
the puppy will go back up for resale-unless other arrangements are made.
I am no longer boarding puppies after 8wks of age. Please make arrangements to pick up your puppy by 7wks old.
(Do not ask for longer, the puppy needs to be in their forever homes by 8 wks of age.)
Shipping is available at buyers expense.  No pup will be shipped before the age of 8 weeks.
Shipping with Flight Nanny or Ground is an extra charge.
Puppies are sold under a spay or neuter contract.
If no proof of spaying or neutering is received at the age of 7 months then Health  Guarantee is annulled.
Males (4-5 Months of Age)-(Females 6 Months of Age)
You can transfer your deposit to another litter (One Time Only).
Please email for more information.
Please take a look around my site, then give me a call or e-mail me if you are interested
in one of my puppies or have any questions.
*I do require a conversation on the phone before I will sell a puppy to anyone.
If I email my phone number and I haven't received your call I will move on to the next family. or 501-499-0053

"I have the right to refuse any sales"

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